About Us

Our Organisation was established in 1991, and offers the following services:

  • A counselling service for couples and individuals
  • A counselling service for children and young people
  • A Family Mediation service
  • Sex and Relationship Therapy

We are a voluntary organisation, and do not charge clients for our services. However, we rely on funding, and any donation is very gratefully received.

We are part of the Relationships Scotland network which network provides relationship counselling, family mediation, child contact centres and other family support services across Scotland.  Our work supports individuals, couples and families experiencing relationship difficulties.  Around 20,000 people have contact with our services each year.

Relationships Scotland believes that behaviour that seeks to secure power and control, or instil fear for one person over another through violence, coercion, control and inequality is unacceptable. We support people to live with dignity and safety and to enjoy healthy relationships, and we respect the rights of all people, in all their diversity. We believe that people have the capacity to change their behaviour and how they relate to others. We take seriously our responsibility for ensuring safety for adults, children and young people.

We are accredited by various external bodies – Organisational Member of COSCA, Affiliated Organisation to College of Mediators, holder of the HSSF Mark and we are currently working towards the   LGBT Youth Scotland   LGBT Chartermark