Young People Counselling

You might be having problems with your parents, issues at school, or maybe you just don’t feel like yourself. People of all ages come to counselling for all sorts of reasons. Counselling lets you talk about how you really feel, outside the normal spheres of home, school or friendships. It can help you to get back to feeling happier and more like yourself.

Your counsellor is a trained professional who won’t tell you what to do or think. If you feel depressed, or are struggling with difficult stuff like illness, bereavement, family problems or bullying you might find counselling can help you.

Everything that is said is totally confidential: they won’t tell anyone else what you talk about. The only time they might share what you say is if the counsellor believes you might harm yourself or other people, or if they think there are problems of child protection. All that will be explained in the first session.

You can get in touch with us yourself, or a parent, your school or GP can refer you for counselling.